Created: Sunday, 18 July 2004 Written by Tom Titmouse
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The way the world moves is undoubtedly a mystery. Its pushed and prodded over the cosmos; a floating pus-pool. Well it spins and moves at same time. Walking & chewing gum; what a brainy lump of rock.

Where is it moving now? Stumbling along to a dead end perhaps. The prophets asked how can we guarantee a bloody end; where can we put this haggard bitch we live on so that a bloody end will be.

Iraq. On the twin rivers that made the coracle. Y'know I've seen The Exorcist and I know Satan lives in Baghdad. And remember he made that little girl pee on the floor. And what did he make her do with that crucifix???

And now it's the front line of the war of a generation; the War to stop those nasty people who we don't know; the GWOT.

Smack those bitches down boys!

Who knew when those towers of Sodom fell that we'd be here? Determined to send messages to people we were liberating. That only by being democratic like us could we defeat them.

It stood out like a beacon. To beat these terrorist guys we had to go to the experts and join 'em. They've been doing it for years and with much success.

And that's why we are now fighting for the Hebeys. Hey call me anti-Semetic. I don't give a shit. I've lived with them and I know for a fact they don't wash! But didn't think I'd live to see the day we were fighting shoulder to shoulder with Abraham to make sure Mustafa wasn't wetting his whistle in Jerusalem.

Obviously only that crazy Osama did.

Well I don't like what his got me hanging from. But ain't got anywhere else to go. Just pull the covers off and tell us what we are really fighting for please.