Wednesday, 22 December 2004 By I Bring the Truth!
There is a thread of terrorism that runs through out the world.
It starts in Osama's cave in Afghanistan/Pakistan. From there it leads to...

Tehran, home of the Mad Mullahs and Islamic Fascism. It had been broken in Iraq, but with the connivance of the leftist intelligentsia of the west, it is being reknotted with the terrorists there trying to stifle democracy. From Fallujah it leads to Damascus and the Baathist Dictatorship. It leads on thru the PLO in the West Bank and then onto Algeria, bypassing Libya for the time being.

But my friends it does not stop there.

We all know the Basque ETA has had a long-standing relationship with the PLO and is therefore linked to Al Qaeda. And with the IRA being also intimately involved with ETA it does follow that they are stroking Osama's beard as well.

And over the Atlantic it goes; into Colombia where the FARC are trying to overthrow a friendly government. Onto Hugo Chavez's quasi dictatorship in Caracas: Hugo is a well-known supporter of "freedom" fighters like the PLO, IRA, ETA, and the Taliban.

Finally it arrives in Cuba where that cigar chomping, beady eyed, old mad man Fidel Castro still survives, the last true communist left. Is it surprising that he is linked to Osama? Not really when you consider his history, we all know that he covets WMDs.

The ultimate villian behind world terror

So to win the war on terror we must put mad men like Castro behind bars; preferably in that corner of Cuba where freedom reigns. Guantanamo Bay.

He can have all the human rights he deserves there.
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