Why I Like Ice

Created: Sunday, 30 October 2005 Written by Flim Flam Man
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Cause I like value for money. It's all about bang for your buck. Now I might not have slept for a little while but I'm still sober enough to tell you this children.

My dick is bigger than yours.

It has been proven conclusively that shabu is better for fucking than anything else.

I just lay on my back in the backyard and stare at the stars. Naked and with the joystick in hand I plot my course to take over the universe. My lips wrap around the pipe and then I'm gone...

I see aliens. Fuck it. Drugs can be good for you. And like everything else in life (religion, morals, water) they can kill you as well.

Well thank you for that brainstorm dickbreath!

I climbed the fence and fell in me neighbours yard, the cunt was a born again Christian Howard-loving liberal. Still didn’t stop him using his cock up the wife’s arse.

Hey Green Jimmy I too have felt the breeze waft me knackers.

Howling, all night howling...