Have you fucked a whale?

Created: Friday, 18 January 2008 Written by SteveIrwin'sLittlePe
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I have. Luckily my cock is big enough to fill the cows cunt.

"Life is grand" she shouted. And I shouted "But death is just the best!"

Blubber and come right out her fucking blow hole.

Her eyes darted like a naughty little fish. Oh what a naughty little fish she was.

And then I came and I swore I felt like the mighty Ahab. Nothing like fucking a blue whale for your green credentials. I felt like a 1980s Peter Garret; all warm and fuzzy.

Saving the whales is piss easy when your cock is as big as mine. I am a mighty green warrior; fucking whale bitches to save them all.