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Created: Thursday, 21 June 2012 Written by Loony Les
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Yeh I know George from Seinfeld did it before.


But damn; with my high stress 9-5 job I needs some relief.

I've had the bath salts and the corn flour but it just aint enough.


I Need Relief - bending her over the desk!


I don’t care what her age is, as long as she is a woman.

I don’t care what colour she is, as long as she is homo sapien.


Whatcha talking about it?


Let’s call her Mavis or Maria or Mashidah... It don’t matter.


As long as it’s not Sadie.


Cause I’m gunna fuck her.


She can bring the mop... just leave it by the door.



There is no problem, I am not a lazy man.

I’ll tell her: “Don’t worry honey. I’ll clean this mess up ;)”