What's on my mind can teach you to fuck in almost several different ways

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 By Stoned out of my tiny gourd

Leading a lifestyle the envy of others. It takes panache. It takes courage. It takes the ability to lie.

I do it; but I'd have to say I am not always proud of it.


Now I don't want to lead you up the garden path and not warn you first that what the following says isn't necessarily true...

brigette on rooftop

Cause it isn't. Or it is.



Let's start with the first one. She is the apple of my eye. Sweet gorgeous thing. Damn she tastes mighty fine. But financially she is a handful! And you know you lay out all that good money and there are times it doesn't pays out. Still, when she does you feel it's worth all the rush.


My second one fell from the stars. I was, as they say, literally walking the streets and she appeared. Rotund and delicious. And when she switches the twins on it can blow your mind. Hard to resist this one, but dangerously close.


Lastly there is that silver pipe at the end of my bed. That is really my only true love. I pack it and light it and off I go. Sometimes leads me to devilish places, but what's the point of living if you can't sin once in a while ;) My mind I inhabit just needs a chemical push and prod once in a while. Spins me out to places I never been. Got so far at times not even the guilt could bring me back.

crab tree

I’m not stopping at the moment. I know I’ll have to eventually. But while I can I wanna chase that dream, those girls, and a lifetime of living until it all comes crashing down into a heap.

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