Miracle Corona Cure? Corn Flour!

Thursday, 02 April 2020 By Stoned out of my Tiny Gourd

Have you had it?

Stuffed up your nose on a week-long bender?

With your old fella hoisted up like the Jolly Roger and your belly just a pasted mess?

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Well now those in the know are saying Corn Flour has some other wonderful properties that may come in handy in times like these...

Imagine. You are trapped in a world of tiny infecting particles. Walking thru a miasma of people’s snot and expectorations. The fear grasping you by the gonads. This tiny little virus lurking on every corner, in every stuffed nosed kid’s gob. Just waiting to find a home in you.

Well buddy it ain’t no dream. This is the truth!

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If you ain't shitting yourself you should be.


It is an abomination, that's for sure. And as for all the wonders of modern science... Well what have those cunts got for us?

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Sweet fuck all!

Those fuckers will be happy to lets us rot. Our lungs filling up with goo while they are safe in their labs, spoon fed millions by the Government, and banging away on their sweet PhD students. Meanwhile us hoi polloi are getting royally screwed by this tiny menace with no help on the horizon.

No. Forget them. Or at least the establishment ones. For our Prof Williams years ago discovered the amazing benefits of corn flour. The Essence of the Gods. He showed not only could it heighten your comprehension, tighten your tummy, and have you in sexual ecstasy for weeks, but it also has medicinal properties too.

Such as anti-viral properties!

I reckon there is no time to wait. Forget the Hydrochlroquine or whatever crap that crazy French Prof is selling. Try the corn flour. Cheap. Easy. Convenient.

Feel a tickle in the schnozzer? Take a hit!

Throat getting scratchy? Line up a line!

Lungs swimming in goup? Send that shit deep into my veins!

Corn Flour. God's gift to the world.

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Use it or lose it suckers!

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