Provocative Questions

Friday, 28 September 2018 By Editor

So many out there. Life is full of provocative questions.



What happened to the horny spring rebellion?

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Re Assange: Who amongst us hasn't slipped it in unawares?

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And then following that: Why won't my girl talk to me any more?


Our Earth more shattered by the minute. But who blows the whispering wind?

Can you sequester Carbon Dioxide in the butt of a Billionaire? What if you hog-tie him first? Bezos butt stuffed with all the CO2 his Amazon has ever had. Can send him up in his rocket to Mars then. Cunt.


It is only by asking Provocative Questions to Power that any real change will come.


I think Jerry Lee Lewis said that.


Questions that provoke a response. Questions that provoke a new thought. Questions that provoke a New Ideal for Living.


Here is another one... What if the 'Green New Deal' is just another means of more Socialism?


You can only hope so.

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