Friday, 06 March 2020 By Max Gross

Is this the end, beautiful friend? Not by a bloody long shot so get off the roof!

It’s a epidemic but not a pandemic.


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The flu-like coronavirus (COVID19) originated in some disgusting live animal market in Wuhan, China,  in December and is now infecting people all over the world so there is is no question of containment even though China – being a dictatorship – was able to lock down entire cities.

So much so that people are seeing blue skies for the first time in their lives because industrial pollution levels have plummeted.

Italy and Spain have closed all schools and banned crowds from sporting events. Not sure what that means. Sporting events without spectators?

In Australia our deeply corrupt but incompetent federal government has issued travel bans on a few countries as well as issuing homilies and the usual bullshit from Scrott Morrison.

Scrotty says he is taking the advice of medical experts although he not only ignored but dismissed expert advice regarding an imminent and unprecedented bushfire emergency.

It is obvious Morrison thinks he can use the fear of pandemic as a smokescreen for his so-called government’s litany of grift and graft.

Scrotty lies like he breathes, as Hunter S. Thompson said of Nixon.


It is difficult to know how worried we should be.

Yes, there have been thousands of deaths but they have been mostly elderly and frail people, often with pre-existing conditions, while most others recuperate.

There have been ridiculous scenes of panic buying – toilet paper bought by the trolley load, emptying supermarkets across Australia! – and people stocking up on non-perishable food as if the Zombie Apocalypse is coming.

The best advice has been basic hygiene common sense: wash your hands and cough into your sleeve and don’t shake anybody’s hand, especially not the dumb bastards who take a dump and swan out of the shitter without a glance at the wash basin.

About 80 percent of cases so far seem to be mild, according to the World Health Organization.

Face masks have become fashionable even for those who don’t need to wear them.

More people die each winter of flu anyway.

The other concern is of an economic nosedive resulting from the nationwide bushfires and now COVID19.


Talk by the federal government of a “stimulus package” is obviously just more of Morrison’s ceaseless bullshit.

Unlike the ALP during the GFC, this mob of self-entitled LNP bandits is sure to fuck things up even more.

In 2013 when Abbott became accidental PM, gross government debt was $273 billion, net debt $175 billion or 10% of GDP. Now Gross govt debt is $570 billion, net govt debt $430 billion or 21.5% of GDP.

And that was before the devastating bushfires and now the COVID19 panic.

The LNP’s precious butt-fucked economy is all but stalled.

Recession? Imminent.



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