Created: Tuesday, 19 July 2005 Written by Chato
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The saga of the incredibly
strange people who gave up living
and became pathetic brainless,
suckholing zombies. If an Ostrichlian zombie is
somehow reminded of what the
Ostrichlian people have lost,
it typically starts whining.
If the loss is spelt out in
detail, it shrieks ludicrous
excuses and some crappy
If this line of discourse is
pursued any further, the
shrieking usually evolves to
hysterical threats.

It is sad to see a people give up
the natural wealth of their
nation for a handful of trinkets,
and it is even more sad to see
them degenerate into crawling,
spineless worms who seek nothing
more than to conform to the
latest load of propaganda that
spews from mouths of the
mass-media nongs and crooked
self-seeking politicians.

How awful it is to see a load of
vicious old harpies, stupid old
duffers, brain-dead cross-wavers
and bible-bashers, dodgy little
racketeers, and the masses of
masochistic lost souls of
Ostrichlia, hanging onto the
droning words of an awful,
corrupt little Performing Monkey
of global corporate interests who
is only interested in doing them

How awful it is to see any
political opposition fizzle away
into irrelevant drivel.

The last episode of this tragedy
is when the moronic masses, now
only terrified of their own
freedom, take themselves and
their I.D. cards to the
Howardland "Joy Through Labour"
privatized re-education camps.

Some types of stupidity
can never be fixed.