Sideshow Scott’s Covid19 Show & Tell

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 By Max Gross



While some like my other half are lucky because their employers could arrange it so they are able to work from home, 37 per cent of Australia’s workforce are at risk of job loss because businesses and workplaces have ceased operation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Thousands have already lost their jobs, while others face the prospect of unpaid time off should they need to self-isolate or become sick, ” according to ABC News. 

 lnp morrison snooze

Snoozin ScoMo. As useful as tits on a bull.

 3.3 million casual, contractors, labour hire & gig workers were without access to paid leave prior to the pandemic anyway! What are they supposed to do to survive?

Centrelink has all but ground to a halt, overwhelmed by people desperate for financial assistance from a system primarily designed by the government of the day to obstruct and discourage rather than help.

Meanwhile, in Donald Trump’s USA, it took one month to go from 1 coronavirus death to 1,000 deaths.

It took just 48 hours to go from 1,000 deaths to 2,000 deaths.

Exponential growth! The biggliest!


The worst is to come over there and probably over here in Australia where that fucking Pentecostal shitforbrains Morrison continues to drip-feed government responses – announcements! – declaring that social gathering limits are being reduced from 10 to two people both indoors and outdoors.

Has he EVER been grocery shopping at fucking Woolworths?

zombie apocalypse 05

 Bewilderingly’ rules around funerals and weddings remain unchanged: five people for weddings and ten people for funerals.

Schools packed with kids and teachers can remain open as far as the federal government is concerned, while the absurdity of barbers and hairdressers being exempt from shut down – despite the obvious risks of significant transmission risks when getting your hair cut both for customer and hairdresser – is beyond satire.

It makes no sense.

Everything Prime Sinister Sideshow Scott does is belatedly reactive, incomprehensible and  incremental when unequivocal decisiveness is required.

All too little and too late, smothered in fog and gas.

In his now daily “announcements” he rambles on and on, leaving his audience to try to sort through the white noise for news and facts regarding the progress of the coronavirus and what “quiet Australians” need to do to survive it.

lnp morrison praying 00

The Disaster Pastor on a wingnut and a prayer

“People need to know what to do – specifically, unambiguously and using simple language,” writes an associate professor of psychological science. “Explain the underlying rationale for any difficult decisions… Be accurate, honest and transparent.”

Pentecostal wingnut Sideshow Scott seems congenitally incapable of doing any of that.

But apparently there “will be” a moratorium on evictions for the next six months on the basis of “financial stress”.

Is this “will be” announcement like the stuttering financial “stimulus package” payments that Morrison previously announced but nobody but corporates has received?

As the coronairus rolls on around the world and the nation, Australia’s crime minister remains as vacuous, nebulous and sinister as he ever was.

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