Covid Crooks, Creeps & Crackpots

Friday, 14 January 2022 By Max Gross

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer has admitted that about half of all the infections in Australia since the start of the pandemic have occurred this year, in the past fortnight!

As we were warned, there were more than 145,000 more Covid-19 cases recorded nationally as New South Wales rapid antigen (RAT) tests are finally added to the “official” statistics (Remember the previous NSW premier, Gladys B’s declaration of “Green shoots”!). This morning NSW reported a total of 92,264 new infections, now including 61,387 RAT results (backdated to 1 January) as well as 30,877 PCR results, 2,383 hospitalisations and 22 more deaths. But you can bet the actual infection rate is a lot higher than the current NSW premier or the Pentecostal prime minister will ever acknowledge.

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Australian PM Pastor Moronscum

Queensland has recorded its deadliest day in the pandemic, with 6 more deaths and 14,914 new cases but for some bizarre reason is scrapping its border entry requirements that have helped avoid the explosive nature of the virus that is ripping through neighbouring NSW. Worse still, that egregious creep Scott Morrison PM has announced widespread easing of close contact isolation rules.

Of course! Move the goals posts, change the label! Bloody brilliant decision as the virus spreads in Australia at an unprecedented rate after two fucking years of whack-a-mole.

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Of the 37,169 new cases reported in Victoria, 16,843 were from positive rapid antigen tests. There were 25 more deaths. The ACT has recorded 1,020 new Covid-19 cases today but this does not yet include results from at-home RATs. Tasmania recorded 1,100 new cases, South Australia 3,669 new cases. According to AAP, the Northern Territory has reported 550 new COVID-19 cases as it relaxes testing requirements to reduce PCR queue lengths and waiting times for results!

WTF? I mean, seriously!

Restrictions and lockdowns discarded, virus out of control, hospital system buckling, businesses shutting down, workers too sick to work, supermarket shelves empty, economy plummeting and lives in turmoil. Almost half of all workers in the transport industry are ill with the virus or isolating. Death rates in private-for-profit aged care facilities – for which the federal government is responsible – are among the highest in the world and a main chunk of all Australians who have dropped dead because of Covid-19.

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Today’s lottery results

Australian Medical Association vice-president Chris Moy reminds us that the NSW government ‘basically accelerated into the Omicron wave, the wave was entirely predictable’. Yep, the cretinous politicians in charge who think they know better than health experts have let this virus run rampant. Pastor Disaster Morrison and Opus Dei Perrottet must be fucking ecstatic! With everything going to absolute shit it must mean Jesus in on his way back! God swill!

Cripes, the Middle Eastern Nazarene better stay well away because if he lands in Australia the government will lock him up as an illegal immigrant.

Bring on the federal election! Better still: bring on 2023! Even better, bring me my vodka!

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