Created: Monday, 14 November 2005 Written by Chato
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On the sordid history of the
crawling Leperal Party.
The dangerous robopaths that
constitute a large portion of the
Oz public have no interest in the
shortcomings of the homicidal and
sociopathic ruling-elite, but for
those with some intelligence and

You should know that one clue for
why Uncle Suckhole feels OK about
working the underclass to death,
is because his filthy party is
the same one that warmly welcomed
some nazi forced-labour death
camp managers, when they sneaked
away from pro-nazi countries at
the end of WWII as "refugees".

Those nazis and criminals fitted
neatly into the warm political
sewer that Uncle Suckhole finds
so very congenial, and they
helped those like Suckhole and
his slimy crypto-fascist cronies
to develop their rotten policies.
This is a matter of public record
and not open to dispute.

Even though senior staff of the
Leperal Party knew the sordid
backgrounds of these criminals
and named them "The Uglies", they
still welcomed them as fellow
travellers and kindred scum, so
they protected them from exposure
at the same time as they embraced
their ideology.

A desire to crush the working
class and the poor has been
festering in the Leperal Party
for decades and has taken deep
root in the rotten non-core of
the little yelling loony.

If the Leperals have their way,
most Oz citizens can look forward
to the same awful "freedoms" that
were "enjoyed" by victims of the
worst fascist regimes.

The most filthy acts are done in
the "national interest".