We Must Confront the Awful Reality...

Friday, 25 August 2006 By Patriot
…of the threat that Iran poses to the rest of the world.
Ruled by madmen and fanatics, this country finances 90% of world terrorism.

Unfortunately we are all going to have to deal with them; sooner rather than later.

Iran's Weapons of Mass Destruction programmes dwarf even those of their previous evil neighbor Saddam Hussein. They are lying to the UN and breaking International Nuclear Law.

Soon they will have Nuclear weapons. Must we wait till they supply Hezbollah with a Nuclear bomb?

I think not.

Fellow Netizens it is with a heavy heart that I support military action against this rogue state.

I don't like war. But we are faced with a choice. To do nothing and allow terrorists to possess nuclear weapons or to act now and stop this.

I know a few innocents maybe killed. But their blood will ultimately reside on the hands of those who have started this war. The Bin Ladens. the Nasrallahs, and the Madmanahmeds.
Evil folk who we know don't really represent Islam, but rather a perverted and fascist form.

The War with Iran is coming and there is nothing we should do to stop it. The best we can do is to support our leaders in this time of their need. They will make the difficult decisions for us. It is best that we support whatever they say; if we don't it will be taken as a sign of weakness by the evil foes we face.

Like the Londoners of 1940, we have to stand steadfast against an evil enemy. We know our cause is right. I just hope that it will not take too many bombs before the Mad Mullah's of Tehran back down from their path to nuclear tyranny and fear.

Thank you and God Bless.

Taken from his address to Australian Institute of Pubic Affairs, August 2006.

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