Created: Friday, 09 June 2006 Written by Chato
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The gentle side of the Howard/Costello team
kicks in. We all get a treat, so all is forgiven.

For all of us who trusted that team of jolly
comedians we know as the Howard regime, a
rare reward is soon coming. We have been
through bad times and worse times with this
lot, but we kept the faith, and we also
trusted all of those "reforms". Ho! Ho! What
little fools we were, but someone was having
fun, so we stuck with it and took it in the
guts without complaint!

Well, it was all in rough, good fun, and
there are no bad feelings now.
Even our crushed and torn testicles cannot
deter us from enjoying our free Howardland
"SHIT ON A STICK" popsicles.