Created: Wednesday, 01 November 2006 Written by Chato
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PM denies persistent pension rumour.

The awful little Parasitic Malignancy has
worked up a new line of answers for the rare
occasion when he may be asked a serious
question by a media whore.
For instance:-

Media whore:
Your excellency, how do you respond to the
scurrilous rumour that you will be
abolishing pensions for the elderly after
Kim Bigbagoshitzly comfortably wins the next
election for you and your criminal gang?

Let me say that truth is absolute, truth is
supreme, truth is never disposable in
national political life. It is our policy,
without qualification, to retain pensions
for the elderly... Not only do pensions stay
but we will give all the oldies a free world
trip each year!

Media whore:
Some suspicious troublemakers suggest that
you would find some way to sneak in your
radical reform no matter what happens.

Suggestions I have left open the possibility
of a GST, errr, I mean pension reform are
completely wrong. A GST or anything
resembling it is no longer Coalition policy.
Nor will it be policy at any time in the
future. It is completely off the political
agenda in Australia."