Created: Thursday, 02 November 2006 Written by Chato
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Dullness for the dullards, as the sinister
Dr. Poo reforms the laws of physics across
all possible universes and the impossibly
retarded, mythical land of Oz.

High drama in the Oz federal partly-meant
as Dr. Poo makes an exciting announcement
that seems to be too stimulating for most of
his Liberal Party dulleks:

As my adoring public knows, it was my regime
that led Oz dullards into the great
adventures of tax reform, welfare reform and
Industrial Relations reform.
Very soon, we will powerfully implement the
"final solution" to the problem of the
"useless mouths" and "blue rinse bludgers"
collecting pensions that could be better
spent in Iraqistan. But right now I am
announcing a new and great adventure in
Democracy Reform that I want to share with
the Ostrichlian people!
As the Poo Government is known to be
infinitely wise, very honest, and totally
fair, it is only proper that all the burden
of voting be removed from the shoulders of
the Oz dullard public.
Of course, the Oz dullards are entitled to
be told before an election how my government
will vote for them. They do not deserve to
be misled. They do not deserve to be

(wild cheering from the media whore gallery)

Kim Bigbagoshitzly:
May I take this opportunity to assure the PM
of the bipartisan stance of the Labor Party?
Also that he has my full, total and earnest
support in any new endeavour he wishes to
impose on the Oz public.

Shut up, and sit down you fat cunt! Nobody
listens to what you say anyway.

Exterminate! GST! Reform! Reform! Rape!
Pillage! Kill! Kill! Eat babies!

Tony A. Butt:
Bless those little babies and what it takes
to make them!

Bludgers! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Kim Bigbagoshitzly:
Is it unparliamentary to tell the PM that I
love and admire him deeply, and that he will
never get any unseemly opposition from me?
How about a kiss, sweety?

Order! Order! The Prick Manipulator has the

Thank you Mr Speaker. I look forward to the
day when the Howardland will be enjoying the
same freedom and prosperity that my regime
has imposed on the happy folk of Iraqistan.
Not a bludger among them, as they forgo
safety, pay for work done, shelter, food,
electricity, clean water, medical services,
future prospects and any hope - obviously
the very best type of human resources!
A few million extra in Oz couldn't hurt.
There is no surer sign of prosperity than for
goods and services to be priced well above
the buying power of the human resources.

Peter Costbelow:
A beautiful set of figures! Prosperity
cannot be far off now. Just keep working
hard, you bludgers, row against the tide,
and one fine day - you just never know
your luck...

Foreign debt! Negative trade balance!
Interest rates! Prices! It does not compute!
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!