Created: Saturday, 03 February 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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It is only fair that we hear it
once again from the weasel's
perspective before we slash our
wrists that one last time.

Through the mercy of Jesus, I have established
that truth is absolute, truth is supreme, truth is
never disposable in national political life. The
dalek-led Howard regime has been working in
accordance with NWO governance.

Confused voters who reside within our wonderful
corporatized nation, we all know that I find it to
be a great pleasure to tell you about our
achievements, and to protect you from communism.
My team is totally puffed-up with infantile
vainglory, and proud to stand on our record. The
best government in the history of this nation has
without any doubt, created a magnificent,
monumentally huge foreign trade deficit. And there
is more. My team has without any doubt, created
the best amount of goodness ever, because we would
not accept any obstruction from the international
plot led by bludging disabled pensioners. We have
kept you to your mutual obligations. Thank you for
trusting us.

We anticipate heartening support for my
Government's ten billion dollar plan to meet the
requirement of a democracy to meet our duty of
working out what to do with a full ten billion
dollars of taxpayer money. So by taking the
correct approach to this fiscal challenge, our
Government has delivered a twisted and devious
scheme that will keep the money in the family of
my close business associates. It will not work, of
course, unless there are new draconian "governance
arrangements", and I will need the full
cooperation of an easy to manipulate robopathic

We were pleased to recently speak at length about
the great sense of balance we now see in public
life and public policy, which has been balanced,
and a balanced hallmark of the australian
achievement, and to consider the most balanced and
profitable ideas about the need to balance the
balanced interests of the homeless against
corporate profits in a balanced way, so that the
balance still appears to remain balanced to the

If I want someone to trust me, I just say, you can
quote me on this, Saddam shreds humans with a
giant paper-shredding machine. Ladies and
gentlemen and my fellow australians, my critics
like to suggest that my reforms will create
dystopian slums, but I did not contemplate a major
increase in charges or taxes, and I totally reject
the suggestion that our government is no better
than "the violent leading the silent".

We are proud that the creaky old group of
institutions whereby Australia once operated, has
finally been ruthlessly expunged in our lifetimes.
A brave new world has finally been secured. The
world trembles before our might!

Under the communist rule that lasted until my pack
of dingoes got divinely helped into power by
Jesus, the public was rapidly sinking into a deep
trance and although we struggled, we were in the
iron-fist of a group of extremist ideologues. As
if that wasn't bad enough, the defeated life of
the individual spirit was not generating enough
jobs, businesses were struggling, the economy was
acquiring a strange green hue, and Russia was
planning to invade.

We fixed that when we mugged welfare recipients,
and by taking great strides, and with clear goals,
hard work and a sense of purpose, Australia was
saved for The Queen. Living standards of
real-estate agents are now higher than ever.
Despite being implicated in the Iraqi carnage,
Australia has lifted its head up again. But, we
are happy if the result is that the interests of
the noble patrician classes, ever anxious about
the lower classes, are being amply served.

We shall just observe a moment's silence in
gratitude to God for decent right-thinking,
church-going people, with their mean, pinched,
bitter, evil faces, making us unable to care for
any other living creatures, and for letting us get
away with blue, bloody, mass murder.

Yet... We are no longer relaxed and comfortable.
Public schools have not yet been entirely

I will point out to you that the darkness spawned
by knowing that awful things could happen in our
pragmatic new era, might upset the bankers in a
terrible way. My people will put themselves in
harm's way to keep landlords and bankers safe, and
to support the National ID Card legislation at
every turn, despite its imputation that every
australian is a cheat.

Because of these things, let us pray to dark
forces for our faith in Australia as a highly
competitive rat-race that is a filthy misanthropic
disgrace. We all know that the media whores will
not ever mention that there are too many people in
this land.

International merchant banks urge a frontal
assault on Australia's lucrative urban water
problem. The exciting National Yellow-Water
Initiative, has proved that I was right about
public idiocy, and that our regime can build
projects of major financial importance. Major
flows of public money will be piped to the pockets
of the greasiest spivs that ever robbed a nation
blind. By the techniques of "water management", we
can fit more bodies in urban areas, and that means
higher residential rents, and lower wages. You may
have sometimes noticed the prominent position in
my life of frenzies of arse sucking for those who
seem wealthy or powerful.

If we get these big things right, Australia will
join the international brotherhood of third-world
nations. It is axiomatic that good economic
management is about giving ordinary corporations
the freedom and opportunity to live their lives as
they wish. It's about giving hard-working
plutocrats a free kick at the poor. Since "a job"
could be one hour a week, we can see how many more
of the disabled are "working productively" and
"accumulating wealth" since I slithered into
office. The Greenies want you to believe that this
is not genuine prosperity. Tell that to a plague
of economic locusts.

These are some of the fruits of my good NWO
governance. A bold new initiative, an exciting
plan for a national ID card. Numerous cowardly
acts of idiocy and deceit. An abundance of pain
and hypocrisy. Elevating the killing of foreigners
to a position of holiness. Freeing the wealthy of
a sense of obligation. Goading everyone to climb
the broken ladder of opportunity. Goading everyone
to run my legalistic maze. Making the elderly
ashamed and remorseful. Preserving the reputation
of Australia, as a land of cheap soldiers.
Preserving the reputation of Australia, as a

I have looked, and I am pleased at what I see. The
elderly homeless now understand their obligations
to those who live in well-deserved inherited
opulence, Australia will soon join the
international brotherhood of third-world nations,
and now we see that this is what Liberal Party
economic reform is all about! These are people
with drive, who are keen to work for lower pay
rates. My critics are now silent, because, there
are many encouraging signs to be seen.

Moving many more doddering blue-rinse bludgers
from disabled pensions to "mutual obligation"
compulsory volunteer teams to replace police force
staff, will continue to be a challenge for
no-nonsense government in coming years. It is only
decent that the awful homeless thriving in our
corporatized economy, uphold the glory of rule by

The Liberal Party - the party of the mastery of
human weakness and frailty, joyfully embraces the
NWO mandate to enforce initiatives to assist
australians to work from a condition of
homelessness. We are going to apply our mandate to
make myself the chief architect of
homelessness-based businesses, as we put our own
snouts deep into the trough of public money.

It needed years of constant moulding and prodding
by hyperactive politicians before Australia became
the streamlined form required by globalist
bankers. Government will apply international
corporate control in financial life, and its
authority and scope will increasingly reach into
all those little personal things that human
resources try to hide.

The burden of privatized medicine will be carried
by the human resources, as the NWO "Healthy
Cities" programs apply chemical moderation to the
depression caused by living in a dystopian
shithole. My scungy government of misfits requires
that we enforce a spirit of "mutual obligation"
onto those bludgers who are doing it tough. I will
firmly assert that we need compulsory volunteer
labour from the homeless. The Government has
highlighted the need to sustain corporate
prosperity as our society ages. It seems that the
bludging elderly have cruelly sneaked-up on us,
and because of this, the neo-liberal think-tanks
are now eagerly seeking a true and final solution.

I am tired of pointing out, that at the end of the
day, by the very act of stupidly putting my lot
back into office, you have exposed yourselves to
great danger. It disgusts me when I see the
stubborn conservative streak in those who refuse
to embrace my enthusiasm for demonizing and
tormenting the disabled, but we are almost daily
fending-off such unwarranted criticism.

I am eternally grateful to these people and
institutions. Other national governments.
Importers. Zionists. Media whores. Bankers.
Real-estate agents. Landlords. Financiers. Crooked
developers. Kim Beazley.

These are some important matters about financial
reform, and operation of the market system. Our
people are a great people, but my team is always
eager to pick up whatever needs to be done to
reform all the national institutions, and the way
this nation lives. The reform process places us
under increasing pressure to sweep aside any
objections directed against a programme to fix all
manner of social ills, and I will never, ever
apologize for that. They say I'm a violent,
warmongering junkie, and even though there is some
disquiet, this bold, visionary government is
committed to remorselessly implementing the
conservative challenge of totally remoulding