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Transcript of the Prime Minister the Hon John
Howard MP; Address To The International Banking
Fraternity held at The Albert Speer Human
Resources College of Homeless Destitution Studies.
[] Workplace Relations Reform: Genital WartChoices
and Mutual Masturbation.
[] Investment Reform: The mysterious Howard
economic cycle - money and mateship.
[] Psychiatric Services Reform: All The People Happy
All Of The Time - with Howard Government ethanol
grants programme.

Long before I became a total slave of malice, the
dark force of democracy, the canal through which
Satan lets his poisons flow into the minds of the
masses, put the skids under the Devil's devious
Labor Party scheme that was meant to become the
most wonderful blessed magical pudding tax you
could ever imagine. A tax that was meant to be a
burden upon loyal, working sheep, conditioned to
obey, consume and produce.

A dreadfully long time passed before a day came
when a plucky little statesman awoke, and having
entered the twilight zone of delusion, resurrected
this important NWO economic reform for a swarm of
financial locusts.

I was that noble leader, who idiotically, loaded
this fraud of a tax onto a nation just entering a
new and terrible dark age, and now the citizens
are rapidly converting into those who stumble
along the long and winding road to disaster.

Our proud new globalist economics insists that we
apply a well deserved penalty for anyone who fails
to accumulate wealth. I will point out that the
shareholders require Australia to join the
international brotherhood of third-world nations.
I have highlighted the challenge of sustaining
corporate prosperity as our society ages. The
crippling economic burden of caring for old
croakers confronts us, and so we need to find a
final solution to the problem.