Did Chancellor Scholz just make the deal to Make Germany Great again?

Thursday, 26 January 2023 By Harry Bismarck Jnr

Leopards for Konigsberg?

After a lot of arm twisting and tongue lashing from the United States, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has finally allowed the release of the German Leopard tank to the embattled armies of The Ukraine. But the question on many observers’ lips is what has changed? Why did the shiny domed Scholz change his mind after for so long saying no?


US Army Leopard

Soon to steamroll the Russkis. The Leopard Tank.

The Leopard tank, a perfect example of the perfection of German Engineering. Now it has been released to the embattled Ukies, and it is expected that with this armoured fist Zelensky’s armies will sweep the barbarous hordes of Putin all the way back to Moscow come summer. For many months Western leaders and President Zelensky of The Ukraine have been calling on German Chancellor Scholz to release the Big Cat to the Ukraine Army as the nation fights for its life against the Russian invaders. What did they now say to change his mind?

germany politics merkel scholz

"Here is the guy that will make Germany great again" shouts Frau Merkel!

Was there some quid pro quo? Some new offer from Washington thrown into the mix? Well whispers from the Reichstag have reached me, and I can tell you what the deal was...

Leopards for Konigsberg!

Has the crafty Chancellor Scholz pulled off a miracle? A way to Get Germany Great Again!

This war has been a disaster for Europe and Germany. Many in Germany have found it distasteful that they have been cajoled into supporting the square heads of The Ukraine, but they have tolerated it because that midget Putin is even worse. However with this deal promising the immediate repatriation of Ukrainian refugees from Germany and reclamation of former German territory, the German establishment are hoping it will win support from the majority of the Volk of the Fatherland.

And already it seems to be turning hearts and minds. On news of it Hans in Hanover said: "For godsake let’s have Konigsberg again, no more Kalingrad! Even Leningrad is gone now, why should Germans have to put up with it anymore?"

golden dawn member

A war between Nazis... We say let them fight!

Long held by the Russians, the loss of the former capital of East Prussia has been a wound in the side of this proud nation for many years. Its population long suffering under the yoke of the Kremlin. They have yearned for the freedom their brothers had found after the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago.

Chancellor Scholz has told the German Cabinet that he has been promised that after the Leopards are at the gates of Moscow, a battered and humiliated Putin will be dragged to the negotiating table and have little choice but agree to relinquish control of the enclave of Kalingrad back to Germany. Even the staunch Atlanticist Annalena Baerbock had to agree with Olaf on this deal, though she did tell her staff that it had quashed her dreams of the Chancellorship for now.

With the return of Konigsberg others are now dreaming of more liberation of former German lands. Said a member of Olaf’s inner circle:

 “With our Leopards we will be responsible for the defeat of Putin. And as a reward Germany will be returned East Prussia. But why not Pomerania and Silesia? Danzig? By God, we have saved the blockheads of Eastern Europe from their worst fear, how dare they stop us reclaiming what is rightfully ours!”


IMG 0389

Will Olaf's Leopards stop the Missiles over Kiev!


Has Olaf Scholz, this poor specimen of German Manhood, crafted the move to make Germany Great again?


And with this has Scholz made the time ripe for a new Germany to step up onto the World stage?

A Germany of One People.

One Homeland.

One Reich.








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