Created: Friday, 06 April 2007 Written by Chato
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This should sound very familiar [;-)]

The Liberal Party likes to claim it is the party
of enterprise and of individual choice, and John
Howard is fond of talking about finding positive
ways to help Australians take greater control of
their lives, and to put them in a stronger
position to support themselves and their families.

In fact, these self-professed "conservatives" have
been the among most rabid social change agents and
profligate wasters of public resources Australia
has ever seen. Their lust for central Government
control would do a Hitler or a Stalin proud.

We must never forget that greater manipulation of
our society invariably comes at a cost, and not
only a cost to the poor. A reform here; an ID Card
there. While each piece of social engineering may
in isolation seem inconsequential, before long an
intrusive state has taken away precious freedoms -
freedoms we will have a hard time getting back.

I don't believe Australian society is something to
be constantly moulded and prodded by hyperactive
politicians. A corporate police state never
creates an enterprise culture.