Thursday, 22 November 2007 By Patriot

The storm raised over the so-called fake Labor pamphlet drop in Sydney is no more than the usual political argy-bargy that happens in an election campaign. Except for one thing; it has correctly detailed the ALP’s tenuous stance when it comes to fighting Muslim extremism. In fact it is hard to call this a fake pamphlet when most of the information on it is correct. The ALP did allow the Muslim extremist Mufti into Australia; they have allowed the building of Mosques. The ALP policy of cutting and running from Iraq in the face of Islamo-fascism only confirms the thrust of this pamphlet; that as PM, Rudd will be weak when it comes to protecting Australian citizens from the evils of Muslim terrorism.


This election is a watershed for the Australian nation. PM John Howard and his government have already demonstrated that they have the guts and determination to stand up to Islamic bullies like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Bullies who want to destroy the Australian way of life because of their envy and blind hatred. And PM Howard and his capable Foreign Minister Alexander Downer have also clearly indicated that they would do all within their power to stop the nightmare of Iran’s Mad Mullahs and it’s evil dictator Madmanahmed getting their hands on nuclear weapons. PM Howard has forged strong alliances in South East Asia so that the fight against terror in our own backyard can continue. When it comes to fighting terrorism, PM Howard has a proven record.


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Hugo Chavez: another crazy dictator hoping for a Rudd victory in 2007.

But what policies has ALP opposition leader Rudd offered on the war for freedom we are fighting now? Nothing but fleeing from Iraq! Ridiculous! And especially so now that Coalition forces have turned the corner and are hunting down the last of the Al Qaeda terrorists that have brought so much murder and destruction to this poor nation. Why would you flee Iraq now? Well only if your policies on Islamofasicm really reflected the thoughts of the hand wringing latte-sippers that pre-dominate your support base and party officialdom. In fact one could say that behind the timid War on Terror policy of Rudd’s Labor party lays the influence of the likes of Pilger, Chomsky, or that other hate-filled leftist ratbag Max Gross. All of them filled with anti-American bile and all too ready to apologize for the atrocities of Islamo-fascism. Will Rudd have the guts to stand up to the Mad Mullahs of Tehran as they threaten us all with their insane desire for nuclear weapons? Or will he back down and allow that new Hitler, Iranian President Madmanahmed, wreak another Jewish Holocaust?


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This man will be smiling if Australian’s elect Kevin Rudd PM on Saturday.


Has Australia already forgotten about the dead of Bali? Of the terror of 9/11? No, I don’t think so. A careful and rational investigation of the situation in the world today could lead the Australian voter to only one conclusion; a vote for Rudd and his team of rookies and extremists is really a vote for appeasement. Only by voting for PM Howard’s proven team can Australia be safe in the world we live in today.

God bless,


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