The Yanks are calling. Will the Aussie Digger respond?

Thursday, 14 December 2023 By Snr ASPI Strategist

The Red Sea blockade by the Yemeni Houthi terrorists is striking at the heart of Israel's self-defense.

US President Biden has decreed it must be lifted and he is calling on the Aussie Digger to contribute.

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This will be a test of strength for the new Aussie Navy. Can it ever be made AUKUS ready if it doesn't answer the Yank Call now?

How will the Chinks see us if we bail out on this one?

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Now we don't have the Nukulur Subs at the moment, but we do have a brand new Frigate. The HMAS Squeaky Albo. Talk is cheap PM Albanese, action is what counts! Get that boat to the Red Sea pronto, and we will show the world that we really do mean the Yank's business.

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And there is great support for this in Australia too. Why top Aussie Zionist Mark Liebler has even volunteered to be the Capn's Boy if the Frigate heads to the Middle East.

Lonely nights on the Arabian Seas... whats an Aussie Sailor to do?


So let the Houthis do what Voodoo that Houthis do so well. With our Aussie Frigate we will free the waters between Eilat and Aqba and allow supplies to flow again to Genocidal fighters of the IOF.

Like the Berlin Blockade Busters, the Aussie Digger can ride to the rescue, teach these terrorists a lesson, and leave their mark on History like their ANZAC forefathers!



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