Tuesday, 03 August 2004 By Harry Bismarck Jnr

In a moving ceremony held in the Polish capital on Sunday the leaders of the free world gathered to remember the brave Poles who fought to liberate their city from the Nazis.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was at the ceremony and he apologised to the Poles for Germany's brutal invasion in World War 2.

But that war is long over. The Soviet menace has been laid to rest. So why do the Poles need to occupy German territory? They have been speaking German in Danzig for centuries! The deutsche volk of Breslau deserve to be recognised! Prussia must be united with Germany as Bismarck desired!

When will the punishment of Germany end?!?

The anti-German voices of Europe always like to invoke the Nazi past as an excuse to keep Germany down. Well the time is coming when the Fatherland won't take it anymore.

Our people need to be united!

They need room to live goddamn it!

And if the so-called "new" Europe want to stand in our way then they better be warned that the days of Germany being the doormat of Europe are over.

Free Danzig!
Free Prussia!

One folk, one nation.

Thank you.

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