Tuesday, 03 July 2012 By Proud Liberal Voter

Australia awoke last Sunday to a new sort of tyranny. An unelected fool with the popularity of a fart in a board meeting has attacked our finances with a bold new tax. A tax that if allowed to continue could stricken our economy dissolute.


Some may say that it is only a small tax, one that with the help of the CPA could be avoided. Well I say beware the thin edge of the wedge! For if they can tax Carbon I wonder what is next?



The full fucken periodic table!?!



A new Carbon Tax? Now the flood gates are open...


Gentlemen, I have been to the lands that lie under the environmentalists thrall; the Germanys, the Sweedens. They are desolate and hateful to the businessman. Envious of the go-getter.



Behold your new green future fools!


At times like this I wonder; where are the leaders of men now? The ones who strut the stage of the world and say "I am not ashamed of who I am and what I believe in."


Perhaps, just perhaps, our Tony is such a man.



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