Pastor Disaster’s Smoke, Mirrors and Denial

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 By Max Gross
Australia burns while the government ignores reality

First it was Sydney, then Canberra, now Melbourne is opaque with acrid bushfire smoke, the worst it has ever endured.

bushfires horse firefighter

Smoke from catastrophic bushfires – mega-fires and firestorms – still burning across north east Gippsland has drifted south and turned suburban air hazardous.

Overnight the EPA rated Melbourne’s air quality the worst in the world.

Since last last week Ambulance Victoria experienced a 51% increase in asthma and pollution-related call-outs and since last night the Metropolitan Fire Brigade has attended 192 false alerts from fire alarms.

Horse races at Werribee have been cancelled and Australian Open organisers have paused qualifying matches and player practice sessions because of smoke.

OMFG! Horse races! Cancelled! Tennis! Delayed!!!

Could THIS be the Apocalypse Australia’s smirking Pentecostal PM is praying for?

Massive fires continue to burn in every state.

bushfires east coast 2020114

The nation’s sublimely beautiful east coast has been burning for months now, from the Gold Coast in Queensland to Metung in Victoria, with roads closed all over the bloody place.

On Kangaroo Island in South Australia, native wildlife and habitat have been obliterated.

New estimates claim more than a billion native animals have perished nationwide, some species and habitat never to recover, some fragile species now extinct.

Koalas are back on the endangered list.

Meanwhile the federal government continues to ignore science, physics, cause and effect and decades of warnings, and remains criminally determined not to do a fucking thing to reduce the nation’s carbon emissions that have brought on this global climate crisis.

Oh wait! Dang! I almost missed it!

The deranged prime minister came late to the End of Days party pledging – for what that’s worth coming from an unhinged, happy-clapping religious nutter and serial prevaricator –  $50 million dollars in federal funding towards “addressing” the wildlife holocaust.

Prior to that he splurged $185 million on a brief stroll and photo shoot on Christmas Island to proclaim the “reopening” of Australia’s refugee concentration camp there.

It currently holds a family of four people, two of them children, at a cost of $30 million as of October last year.

lnp morrison dutton 01

And remember those franking credits everybody was hyperventilating about prior to last year’s federal election?  Since the shock win for Pastor Disaster Morrison and his gaggle of LNP vandals the government has given away $4 billion in free money for nothing.

I’ll repeat that for readers who momentarily fainted: FOUR FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS! (I read that somewhere, honest! but cannot find a link for it. Give it a go yourself!)

One thing I can link to is a report that the government spend on franking credits in 2014 was costing the budget $6 billion per year and was projected by Treasury to increase to $8 billion per year “over the next few years”.

So, $50 million for wildlife and habitat relief? Spit in my eye!

tumbril 01

The Princes Highway, the main route north to my bunker in Merimbula, on the New South Wales Far South Coast, remains cut off, a danger even to the Army’s armoured personal carriers that have been deployed in an attempt to rescue people still trapped in fire ravaged Mallacoota on Victoria’s east coast.

Merimbula remains on alert despite a slight reprieve from the main threat, the massive border fire that stretches from Gippsland Victoria almost to Eden in NSW.

Looks like I’m stuck here in Melbourne until the mega-bushfires have nothing left to burn.

Meanwhile Scummo’s broken-arse federal government continues to ignore reality and blame this disaster on anything and anybody other then themselves.

But I’ve figured it out for him. I know who  #ScottyFromMarketing can blame for these unprecedented firestorms across Australia.

Ask yourself, who benefits? Who will profit from all the rebuilding, from homes, farms and businesses, from regional towns to remote bush blocks?


Bring out the tumbrils and bring on the Climate Crisis Trials!

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