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COVID-19: Do you feel lucky, punk?

Created: Thursday, 03 June 2021 Written by Max Gross

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"Today the Victorian outbreak reached 60 cases and it was announced the lockdown would continue in Greater Melbourne for another seven days.”

“NSW health authorities are working against the clock to determine when COVID-19 spread between the members of a Victorian family who holidayed in NSW more than a week ago… So far 243 people have been identified as casual contacts…”

Meanwhile the UK has declared NO COVID-19 deaths for the first since the pandemic struck its shores, despite the PM there – Boris Johnson – being at least as much of a complacent buffoon as Australia’s Scott Morrison.

Like Morrison, Johnson had wanted to let the virus run wild in order to acquire ‘herd immunity’, regardless of the even greater numbers of illness and deaths such a catastrophic hands-off response would have caused.

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Jeebers is coming, so fuck you all!

Even without resorting to herd immunity, COVID-19 deaths throughout the so-called United Kingdom currently total 126,283 out of 4,494,699 cases. And now scientists there are warning of a possible third wave.

Unlike Morrison however, Johnson – or, rather, medical authorities – have so far had almost 40 million people in the UK vaccinated with at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

That is about 75% of the population who have had their first “jab”.

Only around around 2% of Australia’s adult population has been vaccinated. At our current pace of roughly 706,000 doses a week, we can expect to reach the 40 million doses needed to fully vaccinate Australia’s adult population in late May 2022!

Australia’s Pentecostal PM seems more than willing to risk Australian lives so that his Apocalyptic End Of Days delusion is realised.


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