Sunday, 13 June 2004 By Max Gross

Cowed UN rubber-stamps US occupation of Iraq

In an unprecedented outburst by our powerful, parochial and paranoid pal the USA, medicated US President George W Bush waded into Australia’s domestic politics and slammed Labor's plan to withdraw troops from occupied Iraq by Christmas.

On previous occasions, Bush’s ominous local mouthpiece, his good old boy buddy US Ambassador Schafter had the gall to criticise Labor policy.

Bringing our troops home would be “disastrous”, according to the babbling Bush, near-incoherent as usual as he patted mini-me Oz PM John Howard on the head.

Xenox News Constantly Craving

Maybe it’s a sign of the o­nset of Alzheimer’s, the degnerative mental disease that afflicted Ronald McDonald Reagan during his crusading Christian crackpot presidency. (Ronnie embraced the concept of Armageddon, remember, and the notion that a nuclear war could be fought and “won”!). Maybe the Shrub thinks he’s the Gipper and Johnny’s Bonzo the chimp?

Given that Australia has just 800 odd personnel in Iraq (most serving safely in the Persian Gulf or Baghram) the o­nly thing “disastrous” about the withdrawal of Australian troops – as opposed to Australian foreign aid – would be the exposure of the “Coalition of the Willing” for what it always was: a motley crew of the sycophantic, the intimidated, and the deluded. In an election year for both Jerkoff George and Suckhole Johnny that sort of “disaster” could cost them a vote or two.

Disastrous? Let’s review, shall we, class?

Disastrous is the assumption that everyone that takes a potshot at a Yank soldier is a “terrorist”.

Disastrous is the incredibly destabilising US policy of “pre-emptive” war (What, you start a bloodbath to prevent… a bloodbath???)

Disastrous is the lie upon lie that led to Baghdad and 10,000 Iraq civilian dead – not to mention over 600 dead US troops (Nobody mentions the wounded, the maimed, the traumatised).

Disastrous is the sidelining of the o­nly global forum available to all nations to air their grievances without resorting to war.

Disastrous is the scrapping of the established international accords, treaties and understandings that have staved off world war since that big o­ne starring Tom Hanks.

Disastrous is a global leadership that cannot be trusted o­n fundamental issues of national and international security.

There’s nothing disastrous about Australia withdrawing its small contingent of personnel from Iraq while some 135,000 ignorant, armed-to-the-teeth Americans run amuck in a country crushed by a decade of cruel economic sanctions, US bombardment and international isolation, and the brutal tyranny of a dictator helped to power and kept in power by the USA, Germany, France, Russia etc. Hypocrites all.

Now that IS disastrous.

What the US needs to do now is back-off but not fuck-off- at least NOT YET. The Bush regime must apologise, handover authority to the UN, provide all means of logistical, security and financial support for whatever the UN and the interim Iraqi government want to do. And it should also pay through the nose for all the destruction, death and trauma it has wrought in invading Iraq. In a civilised world it’s called war reparations.

Oh, and Saddam should be handed over to the ICC, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and the others behind the plot to attack Iraq. As for the incompetent George W Bush, he should be impeached and forced to retire in disgrace.

Commenting o­n the Shrub’s cheap attempt at shoring up the Dufus from Downunder, Greens Leader Bob Brown says Bush should "pull his head in". I say John Howard should pull his head out… of Bush’s arsehole. Or does Johnny think that’s where he’ll find all those stockpiled weapons of mass destruction? (StockPILED, get it? PILES? No? forget it, then.)

And as for the late Ronald McReagan, let’s just say his crackpot legacy remains in the bastardised no-brainer guise of George Wobbly Bush. And our very own twisted mister: PM John Witless Howard.

Sovereignty? You're standing in it.

This was Max Gross for xenoxnews.com, wondering why suddenly UN resolutions count for so much in Washingtoon, when just a year ago they meant so little; and wondering when an Aussie PM will have the balls to say “you’re wrong” to a Yank president; and especially wondering why vodka won’t freeze.

The facts, son, o­nly the facts!
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