Friday, 18 January 2002 By Max
With the current hysterical "debate" about what to do with Aussie David Hicks, held by the US for fighting alongside the Taliban, I offer this titbit of historic information:

"Mr Lech Zondek, a Polish Australian, went to Afghanistan to fight alongside their Soviet oppressors, and after a year there in July 1985 was found dead near the city of Norristan. On 7 December 1985 a memorial service at the Polish Marian Shrine in Essendon was attended by approximately 1000 people respresenting both the Afghan and Polish communities in Melbourne." These details were provided by the Polish Museum & Archives in Australia Inc. and can be located at the Polish Page on VicNet:

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who may be able to shed more light on the activities abroad of this local hero... and contrast Mr Zondek's treatment to that of David Hicks, another Aussie with a mission in Afghanistan!
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