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Created: Thursday, 24 November 2005 Written by Chato
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Fascist Oz government has stench
of death and decay, but who dares
defrost Oz "new" Labor?
After long painful years of Labor
refusing to show any signs of
life and having gone into deep
freeze, and the filthy Suckhole
regime becoming a walking corpse
losing public support as it
rapidly rots out from deep
sociological leprosy, federal
Labor suddenly has become more
popular than the Leperal Party
through no fault of its own.

Even though he remains in a
political coma, Labor's totally
pathetic, spineless, waffling
leader beats Uncle Suckhole's
level of public approval.

For years Labor supporters have
been begging the assorted Labor
leaders to give a single reason
to vote for Labor, but Labor
leaders have pretended to be
deaf, stood firm, and refused.
They have preferred to be nothing
but a support act for Suckhole.

Now with the Uncle Suckhole giant
economic collapse just around the
corner, will Labor show their
traditional eagerness to be in
power during a Leperal-created
economic collapse and take the
blame like the suckers they
always have been?
Or will they be at their sleazy
best and keep themselves out of
office forever?