Created: Thursday, 20 March 2003 Written by Correspondent
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Never one to miss an opportunity, Oz PM Ratfuck Johnny will reintroduce his police-state ASIO bill in the Parliament today (20 March 2003).
The Senate dumped the bill last year because of its shocking iniquity. What does the four-eyed arselicker think this is, America?

A spokeswoman for the Federal Attorney-General says the bill will be introduced in a "new form", including amendments from the last debate, to which the Government had reluctantly agreed.

Serious issues remain over access to lawyers, whether children can be detained, and the rules for detention of mere suspects.

The ASIO bill is fundamental to Ratfuck Jobnny's dangerous, so-called counter-terrorism package announced after the September 11 "first strike" on the USA's other "bad guy", missing-in-action Osama Bin Laden.

Pray for sandstorms in the Iraqi desert!