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Australia WHO screwed you last night???

Created: Sunday, 10 October 2004 Written by Tom Titmouse
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Like the rest of the country I woke up today blearied eyed and with a stunning headache. What the fuck had happened? As my thoughts crystallized in my throbbin’ noggin last night all began to come back to me…. It all started with red Kezza on the ABC and a stubby in my hand. And then it gets steadily worse; that cunt Nick Minchin’s grin getting bigger as the night wore on. Someone from the Planet of the Apes claiming victory for the Family First Party, Latham conceding defeat, and finally that cunt Howard giggling like a goose as he claimed his election win!

A victory for hope he called it I think.

Jesus Fucking Christ! The cunt got an increased majority and looks like he’ll control the senate with those dickhead born-again morons Family First!

What did Howard do to deserve that???

Well that’s it man. The fucking gloves are off now. Howard has set the standard. Do anything it takes to win. Call black white. Call fear hope. Lie your arse off and don’t give a shit.

What a fucking middle-class nightmare this country is turning into. Fuck democracy!

Im with Lordy on this one. We can all play this game; and from now on Xenox News will be. Not even a pretence of fair and balance here.

Time to kick out the Jams Muthurfuckers!
We ain't gunna work on Johnnys farm no more!

Tom Titmouse