Created: Wednesday, 01 June 2005 Written by Chato
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The Aussie working poor are
angered over an attempt to give
them more justice than the P.M.
ever would. As Kid Beastly, the occasional
leader of the federal opposition,
launched an attack upon the slimy
Canberra Parasitic Maggot's
insulting tax breaks, the dull
Ostrichlian working-poor caved in
to mass panic.

"We are frightened and angry!"
said a true Aussie battler.

"We wish to be abused, cheated,
and victimized. We think P.M.
Judas Wart Hookworm is our mate
and we do not want fairness from
anyone else. We do not want
justice because we are not worthy
of any!"

As the Latham Valley aspirational
dullard crushed his testicles
between a couple of dirty bricks
that he slapped together with
great force, he voiced his
contempt for those who might help
him survive.

"Just fuck off, Beastly! Youse
cunts are messing-up our
tradition of receiving fairness
from the decent rich people. They
said that if we suffer the
miseries of Hell on earth, the
dead man on a stick will give us
Heaven after we die, and THAT is
TRUE fairness!"

He scraped one of his eyes out of
its socket with a stick he had
first dirtied in fresh dog-shit.

"Our mate Judas has offered us a
ticket to Heaven and he has our
vote forever."

Judas, the fair Ostrichlian P.M.
explained how it all works, as he
was recovering from a severe
wine-induced bile-fit that had
filled his pants with stinking
slimy green shit, and left his
geriatric, stumpy legs trembling

"Of course we all know that
democracy can only work if the
majority of voters are moronic
vegetables! I have a deep
contempt and an understanding of
their infantile masochistic
yearnings, and never disappoint
the battlers."

"For example, I will offer the
losers some benefit before an
election, and then I snatch it
away after they vote me back in.
They love that sort of thing!"

"Any political opposition that
tries to offer justice to these
losers just does not have one
chance in Hell!"