Created: Sunday, 24 July 2005 Written by Staff Reporter
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After braving the last few days in the bomb wracked city of London elderly Aussie PM John Howard has demanded that his Attorney General urgently re-write current anti-terrorist legislation to ensure full protection of Australia against terrorist attacks.

Top of the doddering Aussie PM’s list are laws that will include the act of inciting others to terrorist action, or support of terrorist action, as part of the law of treason.
“The Global War on Terror is a war of freedom versus tyranny,” said PM Howard in London today.

“We do not want it to go the way of the war in Vietnam where a rabid fifth column in own country bolstered the enemy and sapped the will of our people to support our fight for freedom in Indo-china.”

In particular Howard said he wanted to target the pernicious influence of those in the media who were criticising the actions of the Coalition of the Willing in Iraq.

“I am sick of those people who are denigrating what we are doing in Iraq. In reality these people are actively giving hope to the terrorists who are bombing our cities by their criticism of our brave soldiers in Iraq. We are at war, and if you are not supporting the side of freedom, our side, you must be supporting the actions of our enemies, and therefore by any definition that is an act of treason.”

XenoxNews tried to contact some these chief propagandists for terrorism Max Gross and Chato but both were unavailable for comment.