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Created: Monday, 25 July 2005 Written by Chato
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The P.M. denounces those who
incite hatred against the
innocent and helpless.
In a non-core attack on the awful
crime of incitement, the little
Oz pillar of decency, sincerity
and compassion named the worst of
these crimes.

"I consider nothing to be more
cowardly than to incite hatred
against the most vulnerable
members of society.
To suggest that those who depend
on welfare payments are bludgers,
is a miserable crime.
To treat working people as slaves
who must perform at the whim of
their masters is an even worse
type of hate crime.

To attempt to undermine the
social fabric for political
purposes is frankly an act of
gross terrorism.

To imprison innocent people and
to suggest that they are in fact
terrorists, is a crime so vile
that I cannot think of a
punishment strong enough.

And lastly, anyone who is so
monstrous as to conspire with
others to attack another nation
and to lie to their own people to
facilitate this crime has
committed a hate crime against
the world and deserves the
ultimate punishment."