Kevin Rudd Hacked Twice!

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Prime Minster Rudd has suffered a double-whammy over his lack of support for rapidly deteriorating Schapelle Corby.Prime Minster Rudd has suffered a double-whammy over his lack of support for rapidly deteriorating Schapelle Corby. HACK 1 In 2005 Mr Rudd made a very forceful and supportive statement about Schapelle Corby, and the obvious show trial to which she had been subjected. He called for, amongst other things, "every legal and other support", including a prisoner exchange agreement and a formal request for a pardon. That statement has recently re-surfaced, in the wake of Schapelle Corby's health problems. But further, a UK advocate has registered his personal mobile domain name, and has placed a copy of the letter upon it. It can be viewed here: HACK 2 Tara Hack, the highly acclaimed New York based indie-pop artist, has recorded an epic protest song, which focuses upon none other than PM Kevin Rudd.   Titled 'The Wizard Down Under' the song challenges Mr Rudd to remain true to his words, and to restore Schapelle Corby's human rights. It recounts a whole myriad of issues, including the grotesque political sentence, the hostile media campaign, the global protest and the terrible conditions she survives in. The accompanying video reproduces Mr Rudd's statement, along with some harrowing footage, and even a desperate cry of anguish from Schapelle Corby herself. European music critic, Jan Felding, has described the song as "A remarkable piece of work, with the hallmarks of a classic 60s protest song, but in a contemporary setting". He continued "This will be a major hit o­n the web, and rightly so. It has balls, it innovates, it is brutally honest, and it is simply an outstanding song". Louise Hopkin, owner of the ‘Music For Schapelle’ Facebook group commented: "Mr Rudd has a responsibility to defend Schapelle's human rights, and protect her well being. He is falling short o­n both counts, as we saw recently with the truly sickening scenes of a seriously sick woman being dragged back to a prison cell in her pajamas, at night, and without any prior warning. That was truly appalling, and was obvious pre-meditated cruelty. People around the world are watching this and simply cannot comprehend his disregard for the welfare of o­ne of his own citizens. Tara's incredible song raises these issues superbly well." The video of the song can be viewed o­n YouTube: The MP3 can be downloaded direct via this link (right click, and 'save as'):