ELECTION 2013 - Update

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 By Frank Blues



king kevin

King Kevin

I don't like Rudd much; seems to be dangling the usual Blairite bull shit middle way crap. But for fucks sake, that cunt Abbott is a fair dinkum dickhead. Be like having Bob Santamaria Prime Minister...


two cunts togtherThe two cunts together


Wow. The Liberal Party seems to be crammed with intellectual giants these days. Hockey, Abetz, Barnaby 'fuckwit 'Joyce, Diaz... Makes you yearn for the old days when they had wallflowers like Peacock running the show.



Gone. And forgotten.

Ahh Julia. Whatever happened to you? One thing is for sure, if you were in charge of the campaign the ALP would have no hope!



Do we need another Yankee bum sniffer like Carr in Government...


And my vote? Going to that Wikileaks guy. Cause the pricks who are the bosses in this world need to get their arses torched instead of being molly coddled by the likes of Rudd and Abbott.


assange beret

... or someone who has stood up to the wankers in Wall St and Washington?



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