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Created: Tuesday, 12 July 2005 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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Labor gets into the war mood as
the very gung-ho Elmer Fudd urges
our cowardly, whining P.M. to get
with our global program of
fighting the war on something or
other in Something-stan, and
bravely "staying the course",
whatever that may mean. "Pull your finger out, you
pathetic suckhole, and get some
more troops into Something-stan
to keep us all safe" yelled
Labor's shadow war-dog, the
feisty little Elmer Fudd.

The P.M. gave a typically whining
response to Elmer Fudd's stinging

"I think our current policies of
controlling Terry by killing
children in Something-rak before
they grow up into vicious
ragheads is very effective.
My Axis of Evil friend Tony has
followed the same policies, and
you can see how safe from Terry
the British public have been. I
will stand by our brave lad in
Something-stan until the war on
Terry achieves the stern final

"Let me be first!" was the war
cry as the crowd of whining
volunteers fought each other with
their fists and feet, as they
leapt over each other in the
large queue gathering outside the
infantry registrar's office.

They all wished to be among the
heroes who would be shipped off
to a country named Something-stan
as part of a force that would
keep Oz safe by joining a
search-and-destroy mission.
They wanted to find and kill
Terry, as fighters in the famous
They wanted to fight until they
themselves would be gloriously
sent home in buckets.