Created: Friday, 29 November 2002 Written by Correspondent
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All you tree huggers out there love to whinge about big business and how they are strangling the earth, well it looks like your lobby groups are making a bit of money from your moaning! "The 12 biggest environmental pressure groups in the United States enjoy combined annual revenues of US$1.9-billion, according to the latest Internal Revenue Service figures. Not bad --that's $3-billion Canadian. Only 91 of Canada's two million businesses enjoy revenues as big. Similarly, only 725 of some 20 million U.S. corporations can boast such magnificent cash flow.

Among the green dozen are some -- Nature Conservancy (US$731-million) and the Wildlife Conservation Council (US$311-million) -- that are merely left-of-centre. But there are also genuinely extreme organizations -- the World Wildlife Fund (US$118-million) and the Sierra Club (US$73-million) -- that militate aggressively against the free market and attack property rights to the detriment of the economy and the majority of ordinary people.

The greens' resources ought to be mentioned frequently, perhaps in news reports when they launch campaigns, comment on legislation, or denounce some hapless company that is doing nothing worse than going about its lawful business selling goods or services.

Given the greens' immense resources and influence, they deserve greater scrutiny, and should not be allowed, as now, to sell green extremism as though it were self-evidently good, like motherhood or apple pie. (Come to think of it, they don't much like motherhood -- it produces humans who are, of course, a plague upon the Earth.)" (Hugo Gurdon, National Post)