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Created: Tuesday, 12 December 2006 Written by Chato
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You have become a robopathic cog in a
huge destructive machine, and now you
want my respect for how well you have
conformed and how well you "fit in"!

Hell-bent and pleased with yourself, aren't
you, little man?

Go fuck yourself, you retard!

The "human" species is stripping the
planet bare in a frenzy of destructive
activity that is leaving not one species
or one blade of grass standing, not even
its own stupid species will survive.

These same violent robopaths that are
on a relentless march to nowhere, will
kill anything that seems to stand in
the way of what they stupidly like to
call "progress", or "development".

There is no progress you idiots! There is
just HIV, BSE, Bird Flu, famine, war,
urban collapse, drought, real-estate agents,
politicians, lawyers, drug-addicts, poverty,
murder, suicide, lies, more lies, breeding
robopaths, crowding, scarcity, police-state
brutality, mass mind-control, mass extermination,
and finally extinction. All on a dry, barren,
toxic planet that is wired for maximum death.

Soon a parched wind, carrying the dust and toxic
effluent of a stupid species, will start eroding
the ruins of the monstrous works that morons made
with enormous frenzied effort, and that finally
wiped them all out. Even their plentiful bones
will be reduced to dust.

In my mind it could have been so different,
but the robopathic frenzy of consumption and
destruction will have its logical result.
They were given a ticket to rape and pillage,
and they insist on using it.

Consuming and dying, breeding and killing,
cruel, stupid, destructive and moronic, these
giggling, homicidal and doomed monsters want