Monday, 27 September 2010 By Mr Beatitude

The cynical rationalist needs proof, "Proof I need! Gimme proof", before attributing legitimacy, or, respect, to anything 'not fully documented'.

Meanwhile the signs are all around us.

Syncronous moments flash us continually.

Think it, and it appears, manifesting often instantly.

Ancient like hieroglyphics, mysterious sensations, dreams and sign posts bombard our wakeful and sleep states constantly. To the rationalist they are but junk, flotsam, the sub-conscious mind emptying itself, "its a small world", "I must have been tired or stoned". Excuses become the norm despite the massive influx of 'irrational like' messages and indicators.

My advice for a healthy outlook is to:

1. Keep an open mind.

2. Read the signs and evaluate them without prejudice.

Only this way can you do your bit to boost the evolution of our species. Unlike the "closed door" thinkers who prefer to stifle the development of the evolving primate.

Human evolution
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