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Created: Thursday, 02 February 2006 Written by Xenox Science Report
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Scientists have discovered that the fatal face-mutilating illness that has decimated the Tasmainan Devil population is caused by a new and deadly form of infectious cancer.

So far it appears to be restricted to the cartoon character animal but some scientists fear that it could jump species like the bird flu.
One scientist who wished to remain anonymous told XenoxNews that if this cancer were to spread into humans it would “… make an Ebola outbreak look like a picnic!”

A spokesman for the government of 70 year old PM Howard said that no decision had been made yet to isolate the island state but that they were monitoring the situation.

Tasmania has long been suspected as a hotbed of secret experimentation, with unsupervised genetic modification well known to have taken place there. Some wonder if this disease is a result of some Frankenstein genetic experiment gone wrong.

“It’s a crazy place for genetics; anything goes,” said our anonymous boffin,
“I mean there is only 2 surnames in the state. That must tell you something.”