Andre the Giant's cure

Thursday, 31 July 2003 By Pervis
pecker at it againHeard a supposedly true story from Jack Little on a TV show once. Andre the Giant came to Australia to tour with our very own World Championship Wrestling troupe.

They travelled from city to city and after the show was over Jack talks about Andre at a bar in a night club. They drank beer and it went very well with Andre; he drank bottles and bottles of it. He drank drinking out of long necks. The enormous volume of beer that Andre consumed was a strong memory for Jack.

Years later Andre came back for another tour.
At the bar Jack suggested: "Beer?"

Andre said: "No, my doctor told me no beer." Jack said "Well what can I get you?"

Andre: "Wine"

And Andre proceeded to drink bottle upon bottle of wine, more than Jack had ever seen anyone drink.
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