Monday, 27 June 2011 By The Technology Sage

Are you one of those people who posts things to Facebook assuming that your photos, thoughts, actions, whereabouts, and other sundry personal information, is "private" because you have set it to "private" or "friends only"?

You probably already know that all of the data is accessible by public servants who work for various authorities; the FBI, NSA, and other US government agencies. And you might be fine with that as you have nothing to hide.

But you might want to ask yourself if you would be happy to share this "private" information with any anonymous person, that fruitcake next door, your nasty ex-boyfriend, any of your colleagues at work, your future employer, your future wife, your enemies, anyone at all.




Maybe one day your fabulous Internet idea will get you millions and movies made about you :)


And if you are happy to share these private photos and private musings with 'anyone' why have you marked them as 'private' in the first place? Why not make everything public now?

By making all of your private Facebook info public now you will save yourself a big surprise when the data is leaked and published on the internet for the world to search and download.

It won't be much longer but all of your private Facebook stuff will be searchable by the general public when the big Facebook leak occurs.

It is coming; don't you worry about that!

Don't say you haven't been forewarned. Make all your private Facebook stuff public now!

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