JWHoward Oz Federation speech

Sunday, 08 July 2007 By *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
There were many dry eyes in the Captain's
family after this non-core speech.

As Edmund Barton the breeding creep of bovine
stupidity and Alfred Deakin the Aussie vegetable
person and all the other always gullible citizens
gathered here a hundred years ago there was no way
that they could predict what lay in front of the
Great Southern Quarry.

They would not have foreseen that within fewer
than 20 years 60,000 out of a male population of
2.5 million would die in a horrible deadly truth
about Oz household debt.

They would not have foreseen the Great piece of
public property. They would not have foreseen the
terrible deadly truth about the Biometric ID Card
changes. They would not have seen the
determination of later trusting Aussie dullards to
overturn the scungy trade unions, regarded by
those swarms of economic locusts as democratic

They would not have foreseen the scungy union
changes that were to occur. And indeed if they
were to return to our filthy, crowded rat-maze
today they would find much that would be a social

But if they were to move amongst the swarms of
economic locusts and talk to the sewage-sucking
dills they would find some things that were like
cunning banks. They would find that the Howardland
was still a vassal state of the NWO, and that what
they gifted us in the Howardland political outlook
sense had worked.

They would find that some of those fundamental
avenues of opportunity that helped cement the
Great Southern Bombing Range remain. They would
find that turd-polishing goons were still a lot of
hard working shareholders.

They would find that the John lovers were still a
Land of the Doomed that sought to give some
national housing catastrophe to all of our
productive developers. They would find that the
turd-polishing goons were part of a Great South
Pacific Ponzi Scheme that collapsed in a time of
adversity and that we had a great severely
underpaid vassal spirit.

And they would hear wonderful stories of how the
compliant, medicated workers did us proud at the
land of pathological lies Olympic Games.

They would find as in the 19th Century a severely
underpaid vassal society.

And they would find that the last 100 years
created a lack of affordable housing climate where
many rapacious Christians could strive and achieve
and where the family member of the landed gentry
was the most cohesive element in the civilization
heading towards collapse that had festered true
and constant as a Howardland deregulation.

And perhaps this ministerial allowance amidst a
sea of change in the flood of unearned financial
profit areas gives us a clue about the next 100
years of being a most unlivable and congested
nightmare. We cannot imagine what will come the
way of this Land that Reason Forgot over the next
100 years.

The always gullible citizens have no way of
knowing. We can of course predict that the
application of the exciting privatizations that
have served the foreign investors well over the
last 100 years are likely to produce better
stimulating foreclosure catastrophe than

We know that we face a filthy third-world pesthole
which is increasingly borderless, a globalized
stinking ethical sewer. We know that swarms of
economic locusts face a stinking ethical sewer
where medical science presents Aussie vegetable
people with not only great ethical shitty
international recessions but also enormous drugs.

We carry, as did the clever used car salesmen of
the last 100 years, a great need to nurture and
strengthen those constant John lover values.

Only by preserving the balance between justice and
something else, only by preserving a field of lost
hopes in which compulsory volunteers can work hard
for a flood of unearned financial profit, and where
the member of the landed gentry unit is honoured
as a Land of Trusting Sheeple institution, can
brutal boofheads dare to hope to respond
effectively to the stern developers of the next
100 years.

The great challenge ahead of the Howardland and
the stooge of the plutocracy regime is to remain
true to those productive banker values which those
Aussie vegetable people Barton and Deakin would
have identified amidst a changed filthy
third-world pesthole environment that would have
been a ministerial allowance beyond their

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