Saturday, 30 June 2007 By Patriot
Two car bombs were defused in London yesterday. Packed with explosives and nails they would have caused untold mayhem and murder. Again, Al Qaeda was planning another murderous attack on innocent London civilians.

Emboldened by the voices of appeasement in the west, Osama Bin Laden and his evil cohorts in Iraq now believe they can defeat us in this War on Terror. Undoubtedly they are planning more terrorist attacks on the west. They hear the triumphant calls of American defeat in Iraq by leftists like Pilger, Chato, and Max Gross and they believe they will cower the population of the West into submission.

And with Al Qaeda and the Taliban getting increasing support from the Mad Mullah’s of Tehran who knows what other atrocities they are planning?

Surely it is time for the anti-American peaceniks of the West to re-assess their views. For too long they have blithely explained away the evil of Islamofascism, while all too ready to blame our brave soldiers for any mistakes they make. They must realise that their criticism of our brave leaders President Bush and PM Howard actively undermines our fight on terrorism.

How many innocent civilians in our own countries have to be killed before the latte-sippers see this?

It maybe time for our Governments to start acting against this fifth column of traitors in our own communities. By their actions, it could be argued, they are actively supporting the evil of terrorism. If so they deserve no sympathy and swift punishment.

Our freedom and prosperous way of life are under direct threat from the Islamofascism propagated by the likes of Osama and lunatic holocaust denier Iranian President Madmanahmed. We can no longer tolerate those at home who are impeding our fight against them.

God bless,

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