Monday, 20 January 2003 By Correspondent
When will Gorge Bush lead a global coalition in a miltary invasion of Israel? The Pretzel Prezidunce of the Empire Snakes of America is supporting a one-time reported $15 billion appropriation - that's $5 billion in military aid and $10 billion in loan guarantees for Israel - on top of the regular $3 billion in annual aid to Israel. And this while Adolf Sharon is enmeshed in a corruption scandal, continues murdering innocent Palestinians, and ignores numerous UN resolutions.

The key text of Resolution 1435 on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, adopted unanimously by the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council early Tuesday, with the United States naturally abstaining, is as follows:

"The Security Council?

Reiterating the need for respect in all circumstances of international humanitarian law, including the fourth Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war of August 12, 1949,

1- Reiterates its demand for the complete cessation of all acts of violence, including all acts of terror, provocation, incitement and destruction;

2- Demands that Israel immediately cease measures in and around Ramallah, including the destruction of Palestinian civilian and security infrastructure;

3. Demands also the expeditious withdrawal of the Israeli occupying forces from Palestinian cities towards the return to the positions held prior to September 2000;

4- Calls on the Palestinian Authority to meet its expressed commitment to ensure that those responsible for terrorist acts are brought to justice;

5- Expresses its full support for the efforts of the Quartet and calls upon the Government of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and all States in the region to cooperate with these efforts and recognizes in this context the continuing importance of the initiative endorsed at the Arab League Beirut Summit.

6- Decides to remain seized of the matter."

Meanwhile the Empire States of America keeps filling that war criminal Sharon's bloody trough. And its lit the fuse for more bloodshed in Iraq.
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