When Johnny comes marching home again, hoo-bloody-rah!

Thursday, 06 February 2003 By Max Gross


The by now barely sane Bush administration is fast-tracking research on the use of 'small' nuclear weapons on deep bunkers in Iraq, using computers to test 'kill and spill' outcomes.

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That's right, kids, the mad Yanks plan to use nukes on a bunch on medieval Arabs! No tent or camel will remain standing!

Now, with our very own Prime Monster Johnny Howard continuing the charade of denying he has committed Australia to an inevitable American invasion of Iraq , Xenox News asks:

Will the PM opt out of the planned American invasion if/when the United Nations refuses to authorise such an act?

Or will he join in an illegal attack on a sovereign state in defiance of international law and convention?

Given the Aussie troop deployments - including secret SAS teams ALREADY in Iraq - and his unquestioning support of the Bush invasion plan, does the PM now support the use of nuclear weapons?

And given that Aussie men and women are at risk as we speak, will the PM's coalition government at least keep its 1996 promise to make the commonwealth military compo and rehab scheme fairer?

NOTE: the widow of the only Aussie soldier to die in the Afghanistan debacle received $92,000 and a war widows pension of $13,624 a year.

That's $260 a week for a dead husband and a father never seen by an infant daughter.

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In the words of Turkey's Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal: 'We can remain a friend of the U.S. without saying 'yes' to everything which the U.S. wants. There is a limit of acceptable things and everybody should know that line.''

Try it Johnny, do it for Australia, you slippery, lying bastard!

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, sniffing the smoke in the air, mixing really rough tequila slammers, and marking his bullshit Terrorist Information kit "return to sender" to the mendacious midget and his mean minions.

It'll take more than a free fridge magnet to make ME relaxed and comfortable!

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