Rogue States Prepare to Defy U.N.

Thursday, 13 March 2003 By Max Gross


The war on Iraq began about 12 months ago when the US and its UK lapdog escalated their sorties over Iraq in the US-imposed "no-fly"zones. (that's right, people: there's no U.N. resolution on joyflights in Iraqi airspace)


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For at least the past 6 months they've been "softening up" Iraq for the planned invasion (envisioned by ratfuck nutcases like Wolfewiltz as far back as the early 90's) .

Both airforces are currently flying about 1000 sorties a day, knocking out anything they can while the increasingly unintelligible US and UK "leadership" pretends to seek UN authority.

We now know that US and UK Special Forces - and Australia's SAS are already IN Iraq, doing god knows what in preparation for the US attack.

Make no mistake, having tried to bully, bribe and bullshit its way into an invasion of Iraq - and with 200,000 troops poised on the Iraq border, - the US has painted itself into a corner.

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The US and its drooling Coalition of the Witless WILL invade Iraq, even if - as seems more and more likely - the UN votes the mad idea down, once and for all.

After all, that's why the United Nations was established: as a mediator, as a forum, as a means to put an end to feuding nations resolving their differences through bloodbaths.

So, what happens when the U.N. refuses to authorise a military assault on Iraq but the holier-than-thou USA invades anyway?

We - the ignorant Yanks, sycophantic Brits and arse-licking Aussies - will be engaged in an illegall act of war no different to Saddass Hussein's invasion of Kuwait.

WE will be in defiance of U.N. resolutions and international law.

WE will be the greatest danger to world peace and stability.

WE will be be the rogue states the Pretzel Prez aupposedly gets so hot and bothered about.

Whether the French, Russians etc vote in economic self interest or not is irrelevant.

The world must put the brakes on American unilateralism, militarism and arrogance.


Oh, and let's just remind ourselves once more which country has made the greatest use of its veto powers in the U.N. Security Council...

That's right, folks, the good old USA.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, tossing his wristwatch away, pouring another vodka spritzer, and setting up his deck chair WAY back in the stern of the Titanic.


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