A Solution for all that Trouble in the Middle East...

Thursday, 13 May 2021 By Foreign Affairs Desk

You know, many have tried.

Shit, even we have tried! Have a look; we have published a number of plans. But still war and terror rages in the Holy Land. What is there to do?

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This Pommy prick thought he had a great solution... hand it all to the Saudis!


Some of our great ideas over the years have included telling the Likud leaders to stop sniffing the arse of former PM Ariel Sharon. Christ, we even theorised that if Condoleeza Rice and Tzippi Livne should get it on for the pleasure of Hizbollah leader Nasrallah than maybe we could sooth the wild beasts of the Levant.

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 He may be gone but his mates are still around. This time with official USA sponsoring.


And perhaps if the clowns in Tel Aviv and DC had followed our suggestions things would be a little bit different!


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In the past we had snappy dressers like this guy to keep the Mid East riff-raff under control.


But fuck it, we have had it with trying to be 'even handed' with these arseholes. From now on the only solution we will support is...


One Palestine. From the River to the Sea.



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